About Me


I've been passionate about the natural world ever since I can remember. Literally. In fact, as a kid my sister was pretty much constantly laughing at me for my ability to look at a dropping on the ground and be able to tell what the animal was. She used to call me the Poo Detective!

Becoming a professional Poo Detective didn’t seem a likely career path; instead I became a journalist, and have spent the last twenty-odd years writing for national newspapers and magazines, and working as an editor specialising in magazine launches and redesigns.

Currently, I am a freelance journalist based in Birmingham, and have also written a best-selling psychological crime thriller called Invisible.

The knowledge I gained as a journalist I am now using for my nature website, Go Be Wild! My aim? To try to make people feel as passionately as I do about nature, and to show people how incredible the wildlife in their own back yard is.

Words aren’t my only weapon here. My interest in photography only really started up about four years ago, when I was bought a decent camera as a present. It re-ignited my enthusiasm for wildlife, making me look at things afresh. I've almost always got my camera with me these days - because I can guarantee that if I don't, I'll see something amazing and be kicking myself!

Sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

As Go Be Wild! develops I hope you will 'walk with me' on my blogs, and learn alongside me as I delve into the very best of Britain's natural world...