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Ever-changing seasons

I woke up this morning and was so excited when I opened the curtains. Why? Because the roof tops opposite me were white: it was the first proper frost of this autumn! I grabbed my cameras…then I realised that the batteries were flat on both of them. So I had to wait while they charged, and sadly by the time I got out the ice had all melted from the rooftops and pavements. But as I walked along my breath made pleasing little white clouds in front of me, so that cheered me. I love this time of year. In fact, I love the constant changes you see around you through all the seasons, and I simply can’t imagine being somewhere where the weather is always the same. It’s that feeling of the wheel of c

Misty hollows

A rather lovely, rather spooky thing has been happening the last few nights. As light falls in the park, the mist has been rising up from the ground to meet it. It makes me think of someone going mad with a dry ice machine for a Hammer House of Horrors production. Paul says it reminds him of Scooby Do. Either way, it is a glorious thing to see, and is so evocative of this time of year.

The joy of rain

This morning I was woken by the rain hammering against the window. ‘Oh heck, another horrid day; here we go again,’ I thought: it’s been a bit dodgy for last few days. But actually, by 11am I’d done a load of work and the sun had popped out – so Scamp and I popped out too to enjoy what I thought at the time would be a brief respite. In fact, the whole day has been glorious. What’s more, with the sun coming out, it was like a switch had been flicked on a heater and it was suddenly so much warmer. Great! I undid my coat. I took my hat off. I was very warm indeed as I walked with scamp. The sunshine has brought out the insects. Some midges danced in the patches of sunlight between the shadows

A blur of feathers

It was one of those moments that puts a big smile on my face... There I was, wandering around Highbury Park expecting to see nothing more exciting than some interesting types of fungi. I'd been taking photos for most of the morning, snapping away at all manner of mushrooms. In the hope of seeing some different species, I went into the more heavily wooded section of the park, tramping merrily and very noisily along. Suddenly something just mere feet in front of me flew up. Something large and powerful. Shocked from my daydream, I stepped back, then quickly gathered my thoughts and followed it with my eyes. All I saw though was a flash of feathers as it disappeared behind a tree immediately in