Canada Goose


Whether living in town or country you're bound to be familiar with the Canada Goose - not only are they very common, but they are large (weighing up to 6.5kg or 14lb, with a wingspan of around 30 - 40in) so hard to miss, and the honking noise they tend to make when flying can be heard from some way off.

In winter they fly in that familiar V formation, but our birds do not migrate.

They make fiercely protective parents, hissing at the slightest sign of something threatening.

They are herbivores, mainly feasting on grass, although sometimes they will eat small insects and fish.


WILD CARD: The Canada Goose was introduced into England in the 17th Century, as an addition to King James II's waterfowl collection at St James's Park. They quickly made itself at home!

Canada Goose in Highbury Park, King's Heath
Canada Geese goslings