• Barbara Copperthwaite

Inspired by Nature

I've been passionate about the natural world ever since I can remember. Literally. In fact, as a kid my sister was pretty much constantly laughing at me for my ability to look at a dropping on the ground and be able to tell what the animal was. She used to call me the Poo Detective!

Now, I'm older and wiser...and have decided that if you can't beat 'em, you should get 'em to join you! So here I am, launching my nature website and publishing my nature-inspired wafflings for the world. As a journalist of 20 years, I'm very good at waffling...

My interest in photography only really started up about four years ago, though, when I was bought a decent camera as a present. It re-ignited my passion for wildlife, making me look at things afresh. I've pretty much always got my camera with me these days - because I can guarantee that if I don't, I'll see something amazing and be kicking myself!

The single best place to look around is right on your doorstep. It's easy to write off an area as "having nothing", but if you know where to look there is always plenty. I live in a built up area, but am lucky enough to have a reasonable-sized park nearby. There, I've discovered, I can see not just common garden birds such as robins, blue tits, great tits, and blackbirds, but also coal tits, goldcrests, song thrush, tawny owls, wrens, treecreepers, lesser spotted woodpeckers...I could go on! And in addition to foxes and moles, I have even seen traces of badgers and deer. As my blog continues, I hope you will 'walk with me' as I discover more...


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