• Barbara Copperthwaite

Wet and wild!

Well, it may be a damp day that made both Scamp and me hesitate about setting foot outside, but that hasn’t made the birds hide away. Today’s been a fantastic day for bird spotting – and even better, the sun made a brief appearance…!

Everywhere I looked I saw signs that spring was well under way now. A wild Parakeet gave a shrieking call overhead, flying across the park to meet its mate with a distinctive flash of vivid green. Highbury park in Birmingham is one of only two sites in the West Midlands where escaped Parakeets have successfully created a breeding colony, though are a several places in Greater London that can boast the exotic birds. I’ve been trying to get a decent photograph of them for months now but seem to be foiled at every turn: the weather’s bad, I don’t have my camera, they are there and gone too quickly…excuses, excuses.

The Mallards are nesting on the lake in the park, as are the Canadian Geese, but they seemed a little uneasy – then I saw why. The teradactyl–like silhouette of a Grey Heron appeared above me, swooping down onto the water. It stalked slowly along, all the time seeming to glare at the water as if it had offended it, but of course actually constantly searching for food. Then it perched on a handy log in the lake and waited with the still patience that only heron possess, only stirring to stab into the water.

Scamp was starting to get bored, it was time to move on. From the oak and chestnut trees surrounding me came the constant guttural cawing of the Crows, which sometimes reminds me of Daleks. Then, a few steps further, I heard a beautiful thrilling which brought me to a standstill: the Song Thrush in full call.

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