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Park life!

Yesterday was such a busy day that I've had to split it into sections, so please bear with me!

Almost the second I stepped outside into the glorious sunshine, I heard a loud, repetitive call immediately above my head. It was the House Sparrow which has set up a nest under the eaves of a nearby house (I am so jealous. Why isn’t it nesting under my eaves?!).

When I got to Highbury Park it was once again the call of a bird that alerted me to it – the Ring-necked Parakeets. It was a bit of a relief, as I hadn’t seen the pair for a good couple of weeks and was starting to be concerned.

As I peered up at them, a flurry of movement caught my eye in another tree. It was a pair of recently-fledged Long-Tailed Tits. I have to admit, my heart melted a bit at the sight. They are such sweet little things, and one in particular almost seemed to pose for me as I snapped away!

With a smile on my face and a spring in my step, I slung my camera over my shoulder and continued towards the pond, where I took a couple of snaps of a male Moorhen. He took no notice of me at all, instead gliding across the water to the other side of the pond and stretching his head up briefly into the grasses… Could it be? I moved slowly and cautiously now as I zoomed my camera in on the spot and saw…yes, it was a nest.

It was very well hidden, but I was able to make out the mother and child. Scamp was as good as gold, staying quiet and still beside me as I took my photographs; neither of us wanted to risk disturbing the nest at all.

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