• Barbara Copperthwaite

Go Bumblebee Wild!

It really was bee wild yesterday! As I walked with a friend, he suddenly stopped and peered at a hollow tree trunk… We’d stumbled across some bees in Highbury Park which have set up their own hive.

We didn’t get too close as it was very hot at the time, and heat can make them a little grumpy and overprotective…and therefore prone to sting (it really is rare for a bumblebee to sting, but it is better to be sensible around them than ask for trouble). It’s lovely to see them buzzing busily, and by the look of the glistening interior of the hollow, they have got lots of honey on the go in case of the odd cool, wet summer’s day.

I’m going to head there with my camera early in the morning one of the days, while they are still warming up and sleepy, so less likely to take offence to me being close by. Why? To see if I can capture some video footage – if I’m successful it will be a first for Go Be Wild! to feature a video blog. And if I fail, well…at least I’ve tried!

The park has just put up woven basket hive, hanging in the trees in a section of woodland that’s been planted with bee-friendly plants and flowers as part of an initiative with the Friends of the Earth to help bumblebees. To find out more about the humble bumblebee, and how you can help it yourself by planting bee-friendly flowers, click here.


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