• Barbara Copperthwaite

Butterfly bonanza

Two Treecreepers greeted me as I entered Highbury Park this morning, but that was not the best treat the day had in store. Today was all about butterflies...

This is the time of year when they are at their most prolific. As I walked through the varying sections of the park I saw different types of butterfly everywhere I looked. A couple of Peacocks flitted around the nettle patch by a tree trunk, and in the distance I saw a Large White fly across the open grass (incidentally, I've barely see any white butterflies this year. Anyone else?) Over by the old pond a Comma rested on a bramble leaf, its scalloped wings wide open so that the full beauty of them could be appreciated. In the long grassses of the meadow Ringlets flew at knee-level, frequently setting down to hide amongst the blades, while above them shards of orange danced - Skippers, that seemed to revel in the sunlight. A single Small Tortoiseshell rested on the mown grass path nearby, wings twitching open and closed, sunbathing and hiding alternately. At head height Speckled Browns fluttered, full of unknown purpose, and as I watched I spotted a Gatekeeper hurrying by. What a start to the day!

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