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Crystal mornings

Another proper hard frost this morning, a pretty deep one, where even at 10am everything was still white over and the ground as hard as iron underfoot. All the leaves are trimmed with frost, each delicate vein delineated, every soft curve sharpened. Blades of grass are outlined perfectly in stark white shards of crystal. It’s a lovely crenelated edge when you get close up to it; it is possible to see each little crystal, crunchy and beautiful.

I bent down to take macro pictures of the blades of grass and the leaves…but Scamp loves a macro picture because I’m bending down to her level, and she likes to shove her nose in the lens and stand right where I’m trying to take a picture. This sometimes means things get trampled on slightly and the pic doesn’t quite work out the way I had planned!

Still, I managed to get the shots eventually, by which time the sun had come out, making everything sparkle. The rising temperature made the frost start to melt, creating a soft mist which hung in the air to give everything a dream-like, soft-filter lens look.