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Times are changing…

Even in the depths of winter when everything seems dead, there are signs of life.

There are lots of Squirrels around at the moment. I don’t know if hunger is making them raid their stores a bit more frequently, but there seem to be loads sitting on the floor munching away, or rootling around on the ground. It’s a great time to get pictures of them…but because it was raining when I went out today, I didn’t bring my camera…so a great photo opportunity, if you’ve got your camera with you!

As well as eating, they are also busy chasing one another, not because they are after each other’s food – no, it is males chasing females because already they are thinking of mating.

In fact, everywhere I look there are changes in preparation for the coming season of spring. The juvenile Mallards are now getting their proper adult colours to show they have reached sexual maturity. Of course this is the most spectacular in the males, who are shedding their more dappled heads for the spectacular, iridescent green plumage which makes these everyday ducks so eye-catching.

And finally, the bank where the snowdrops are already flowering and now being joined by bigger green blades which look like they might just be daffodils coming up! In addition, scattered here and there amongst the greenery, if you look closely you will see the delicate spears of purple crocuses. Times are a-changing!

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