• Barbara Copperthwaite

An intimate moment

The Crows were looking particularly murderous today, as there was a huge gathering of them all in one place. I often see them in loose groups scattered across the park, but this morning it looked as if pretty much every Crow in the place had gathered for a big conference beneath the horse chestnut trees by the path.

The big news for today is that the older parakeet couple are definitely breeding again this year – I felt slightly voyeuristic as I captured this intimate moment between them!

Parakeet breeding in Highbury Park, Birmingham. Photo: Barbara Copperthwaite, Go Be Wild

Across the other side of the park, the younger adult female came out of her little nest and sunned herself on a branch. Sadly, she appears to be on her own. I haven’t seen a male with her at all yet. Her only company is a Crow - her new home was once a favourite haunt of theirs – and the odd one still lands occasionally and threatens her mildly. But she is feisty. She never starts anything, but stands up for herself if pushed, despite being half the size of the average Crow. I have to say she’s gained a fan in me. I like her tenacity and spirit. I really hope that she manages to find a mate, if not this year then hopefully next year.

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