• Barbara Copperthwaite

Fresh starts


It's hard to believe that in the fortnight since my last post, the weather has gone from chilly to positively hot, butterflies are everywhere I look, greenery is sprouting on branhes and the ground, and flowers are in bloom. Spring has well and truly sprung.

How many of the items have you managed to tick off from Wild Times? So far, I've seen evidence galore of badgers and their cubs at various places I visit (Birmingham has one of the highest urban badger populations in the country, but I also had a cheeky holiday over in Lincolnshire where I did some spying!). Swans and Grey Wagtails can also be ticked off. Although there have been no Holly Blues as yet, there is a plethora of pretty Peacocks and butter yellow Brimstones. What a treat to have this riot of colour return after the winter palette dominated with greys, browns, whites, and dark greens.

The massive clearing of Highbury park seems to be calming down too. Hopefully, by spreading the word, it has become too difficult for the perpetrator to continue. If we contiue to stay vigilant, and this person does no more damage, eventually the undergrowth will recover - though it will take a long time in some cases for brambles to return to their former glory where they have been cleared completely.

But, we must concentrate o the positive, especially at this time of year. A time for renenwal and fresh starts. Here's to a wonderful spring!

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