• Barbara Copperthwaite

Prepare for departure...

I am still seeing Redwings, which will probably be leaving any day now for their northern breeding grounds in Russia, Iceland and Scandinavia.

The Nuthatch are nipping in and out of their nesting site, and I suspect they are sitting on eggs right now. I am ridiculously pleased and excited for them, as I do have real affection for this bird.

Speaking of which…the female Parakeet born last year is still all alone and lovely. I often see her sitting on her favourite perch, but she has been conspicuous by her absence over the last two weeks or so. I was starting to worry that she had been predated, especially when I saw a cheeky Bluetit peering into the entrance of her nest. But today I saw her flying into some trees, so she is clearly still very much with us. Phew!

The Woodpecker’s distinctive call can be heard echoing across the park most mornings now. They tend to stick to the tops of trees, not always, but particularly at this time of year as it is breeding season and they want their call to go further. So far the only photographs I have of Woodpeckers is where they are partially obscured by branches and they look headless so I will keep going until I get a decent shot complete with all body parts…

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