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A legendary day

Floating gently through the air in every direction were the seed heads of dandelion clocks. Their fluffy exteriors make perfect parachutes, and in the sunlight they transform a scene into something of wonder – anyone remember the film Legend, which heavily featured dandelion fluff filling the air in many of the idyllic pastoral shots?

A Holly Blue flitted by; a delicate, dancing motion to its erratic up and down flight. I have only seen a handful of these butterflies so far. Numbers seem down on the amount in the park last year.

A Mistle Thrush flew across the path before me, banking steeply to give me a lovely look at its speckled chest. It hid in a nearby tree, where it sang so loud and so proud! A pair of Chaffinches broke from the ground and flew in the same direction, their rose-hue looking very cheery in the light.

Below them, a Robin grabbed some food from the ground then flew away – Robins in fact seem to be everywhere at the moment, filling the air with their sweet, shimmering song. This is because many of them will have successfully reared their first brood and will now be looking to attract another mate for a second brood before spring is over.

I saw one of the Parakeets this morning, although I could not make out which one it was. Over the last few days I have heard a single Parakeet several times, but not seen it. Today I at least caught a glimpse; perhaps tomorrow I will get a better look again. They may well have been so absent because they are incubating eggs.

The Coot parents enjoyed their first family outing with their young. The Heron had given slight cause for concern as it was standing right beside the Coot nest, but it didn’t seem interested in anything but fishing. Still, given half a chance it would have taken a chick – but luckily, the Coot parents are far too vigilante for that to happen. And later, for the first time, all four chicks made an appearance at once and took to the water.

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