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Parakeets and pals

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The Nuthatch pair I am particularly keeping an eye on are so busy at the moment. They never seem to rest as they flit in and out of their nest with an endless supply of food for their growing brood. Surely it can’t be long before the youngsters fledge and I finally get a look at them. I just managed to capture one of the parents briefly resting to have a look around before it flew away to continue its insect hunt.

It seemed a particularly busy day for Blackbirds, too. Whether singing sweetly, giving their alarm call, or simply hopping around on the grass, they seemed to be everywhere I turned, along with Robins. Over by Henbury Pond, I also watched a small flock of four or five Chaffinch.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the Parakeet, and the hope that I might actually see one of them soon, as it has been several days. My wish came true in spectacular style when I glanced up at the favourite haunt of the female Parakeet born last year. There, resting on her favourite branch was a male Parakeet – and not her father, as the tail feathers were nowhere near as long and splendid.

Could this be the elusive mate I have theorised about for several weeks now? Yes! Because after several minutes, the young female’s head peeped out from her nesting spot, and the male climbed across the trunk to greet her. They spent a few minutes together before the female briefly came out of her hidey hole all together, stretched her legs and wings, then quickly returned.

Whether or not they successfully produce young this year, it seems definite now that Highbury Park has its second breeding pair of Ring-Necked Parakeets.

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