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Call of nature!

Female parakeet hatched last year, Barbara Copperthwaite, Go Be Wild

Great news about the Ring-necked Parakeets! Last night I received a call from my wildlife buddy Paul Anthony, a local expert. He and I had been talking only the other day about the parakeets, as he had not seen them for several weeks, so I reassured him by telling him of the (admittedly rare lately) sightings I had had. Now he was calling me from Highbury Park to say that he could see two adults and two juveniles which may have fledged fairly recently – the juveniles are more of a khaki green than the apple green of adults. A little further into the park he spotted another pair of parakeets. So this confirms once and for all my suspicions about why the parakeets have been conspicuous by their absence – they have been busy breeding. It also confirms that we definitely now have two breeding pairs in Highbury Park. Exciting news indeed!

Incidentally, the photograph above is of the female which hatched last year, and which now has a found a partner. Only the males have the black ring around their neck which gives the breed its name. As she grows older, this female's tale will grow longer.

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