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A single Parakeet flew above me, calling loudly to its pals, as I looked out across Henbury Pond, trying to spy the Moorhen family. As I waited, a tiny Wren scooted past my feet, flitting from one bit of undergrowth to another. Though I stood patiently, I only saw one Moorhen, though – but hopefully all is well with the other adult and their young chick.

In the heat, I moved on; though only a little further, to the long grasses in the small meadow area by the trees. I wish I were better at identifying bird song, and it’s something I’m really going to have to concentrate on, because I was surrounded by sweet singing and calls from birds I could not see thanks to dense foliage, and so was unable to know what was so close to me.

But dancing next to me was something I knew, and that was a Meadow Brown, and beside it a Gatekeeper, just sitting on the brambles. Loads of Ringlets were floating in the long grasses, and just looking straight ahead of me I counted six of them. Their dancing was accompanied by the percussion of Grasshoppers, hidden away, making their sound like shaken maracas as the sun built up its warmth.

I took a picture of a Ringlet on the brambles, a battered old thing, coming to the end of its life but still lovely. As I snapped, another Parakeet called and as it went overhead I saw it had a much shorter tail, so I’m assuming it was one of the younger ones.

There was a real sense of peace in the park today, even more than normal. I could hear the Jackdaws calling gently to one another in their soft, insistent tones from their favourite tree on the open grassy area. A bit further on the Crows were on the ground searching for food, and with them were seven Wood Pigeons, the different species intermingling and getting on without any problems or fuss.

I drifted along slowly in the heat, letting Scamp have a long play in the stream in order to cool herself. Then we walked to the main butterfly meadow area. The place was a flutter of activity. Large and Small Skippers, Meadow Brown, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, and Ringlets flew prettily between long stems of grass, or floated above them before moving over to the brambles to feed on the nectar of the flowers. I even saw a single Marbled White, though sadly was unable to get a picture of it as it did not rest but continued on its way instead.

The cloud had come over, briefly as it turned out, but it was enough to remind me that I had come to the park today on a mission. I had brought with me the greetings cards I’ve had printed, featuring photographs I’ve taken for Go Be Wild! I’m excited because this is a whole new venture for Go Be Wild. This site’s priority will always be wildlife and promoting a love of nature, but now there is an option for people to send a little bit of nature to a loved one, if they choose, via a greetings card. If you want to find out more, go to the shop page, where you can browse, then drop me a little email to let me know what you want.

But why on earth had I brought the cards out with me to the park? I thought it would be rather lovely to take some photographs of them sitting in the very place where the pictures for the cards were taken! I thought it was a nice little rounding off of their story.

Go Be Wild greetings cards, Barbara Copperthwaite

Go Be Wild greetings cards, Barbara Copperthwaite

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