• Barbara Copperthwaite

A crazy cutting decision

Once lush, the large meadow has been cut too early

I rounded the corner – and a gasp of horror escaped my lips. Having been away for a couple of days, I came back to Highbury Park keen to see what changes had been wrought. I love the way that nature is constantly on the move, never standing still. But this time I was bitterly disappointed by what I saw: the beautiful large meadow area had been mown.

It is a good month too early, in my opinion, and I am stunned by the decision made by the council to mow right now. The extra month makes a vast difference to the butterflies, and I am convinced that because of this, next year will see a drop in butterflies. In fact, the effect is immediately obvious, as that area, which was such a glorious display of Large and Small Skippers, Ringlets, and Meadow Browns, was now as still as a grave.

What is all the more ridiculous is that I have been taking part in discussions about the creation of a management plan for Highbury Park, and we all had enthusiastically discussed the possibility of sewing more wild flowers there, to increase diversity. We have even considered extending the meadow area. What is the point when we can't even protect what we already have?

I would urge you all to contact Birmingham City Council and complain about this decision.

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