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Flight of the dragon

Common Darter, Barbara Copperthwaite. Go Be Wild

I’ve seen a good couple of Brown Hawkers around the park’s short grasses, and almost every day now I also see Southern Hawkers by the main footpath, attracted there by the flies that like to dance in the sunshine. I love to stand still in the middle of the path and watch as the dragonfly zig zags past me, first low, then high, sweeping the area all around me. It’s magical. And if I’m very lucky, sometimes the dragonfly will come right up beside me and circle, while I hold my breath in wonder as I take a close up look at its lime green body and sky blue tail.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see a freshly-emerged Common Darter, flying around above Henbury Pond briefly, then resting on a stick poking through the surface of the water. It stayed in the weak sunshine for some time, only flying briefly on rare occasions. After about half an hour it seemed to be up to full strength though, and darted off to live up to its name.

Common Darter, Barbara Copperthwaite, Go Be Wild

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