• Barbara Copperthwaite

Feeling Blue

The sun was out, and I’d decided to make the most of it by nipping out with Scamp. She has not been well recently, and had to have an operation, so I haven’t been out and about as much. As we wandered along, I spotted a tiny, petal-like butterfly flitting along just above me then landing on bramble. It was a Holly Blue, tantalising me with the merest flash of its brilliant blue wings, then closing them as it fed on the flower’s nectar. Sadly, adults rarely open their wings when resting, so all I got was a shot of their, admittedly beautiful, underside.

The underside is unique to the Holly Blue, making it easy to identify from the other blues in the UK. This beautiful butterfly is also unusual in that it lays its eggs on a different plant according to the time of year. In spring the eggs are laid on holly, but in summer they are laid on ivy.


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