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Autumn thoughts

Ever-changing, ever moving, the wheel of the seasons is slowly but surely taking us further away from summer. Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to lots of birds, including Swallows. But it also brings us closer to things too, such as the winter migrants that will be arriving soon (eg Redwings).

That’s what I love about nature. I don’t feel sad about the end of things, I feel excited for the coming things, although of course I do miss some of them. At the moment when I stand in the park, close my eyes and listen, that sound of the wind in the leaves is a wonderful, soft susurration. In autumn it changes to a rattle as the dry leaves shake together as if they are made of tin foil. In winter there is no sound at all because the leaves have all dropped, unless there is a very high wind and the twigs and branches knock together. It’s those seasonal sounds I both adore and miss, but I don’t feel melancholy for them when they are gone because I know they will be back. The wheel is always turning; and that is a comfort.

Right now, some of the leaves are just starting to get a slight paper sound to them as they begin to slowly lose some moisture. Already some are lose their vibrant verdigris and starting to become the colour of fire: yellow, orange, russet.

As I walk, a handful of early-fall leaves are kicked into the air. Acorns crunch beneath my feet, while squirrels watch me cautiously from above, or scurry away at ground level, already busy gathering their winter stock. Times are changing, let the wheel turn…

Grey squirrel, Barbara Copperthwaite, Go Be Wild

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