• Barbara Copperthwaite

All change

Change is everywhere I look now. Areas of the park are now covered in crocuses, joining the last of the snowdrops and the occasional winter aconite (see the feature Britain’s Bravest Blooms for more information), along with the daffodils, the blades of which have been showing for some time and have now finally started to flower. I say finally, but it does all seem so very early this year. Daffodils always herald spring proper for me, and were a firm favourite of my late nan.

The Canada Geese will soon, no doubt, be arriving back at Highbury too. Last year we had two pairs, and I wonder if more will come this time. Although they are lovely to see, Henbury Pond is small, and the geese so aggressive; it would be a terrible shame if other species were forced out by them.

The Heron has also made a re-appearance, flying over my head just last evening to land in the duck pond for a spot of fishing.

It is also an exciting time for the female Parakeet born last year. She has now got her own nest, and may even be sitting on eggs right now, judging from the reaction to crows – I’ve heard a whole lot of racket over the last week or so, and seen parakeets chasing away crows. I got a little snap of her peeking from her hole that I thought I’d share with you.

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