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Don't forget you can see photographs of everything I talk about in the Gallery, and find out more information on specific birds and insects in the Fact File.

July 12, 2015

Little green shoots have bravely pushed through the earth, fighting their way between stubble which is all that is left of a once lush patch of wildflowers and nettles that were growing beside the stream until the council mowed them down. Here and there, some nettles h...

July 10, 2015

A single Parakeet flew above me, calling loudly to its pals, as I looked out across Henbury Pond, trying to spy the Moorhen family. As I waited, a tiny Wren scooted past my feet, flitting from one bit of undergrowth to another. Though I stood patiently, I only saw one...

As the days continue to be hot, the youngsters born this spring grow bigger and stronger. It is particularly obvious in the Canada Goose goslings on Long Pool in Highbury; they now have their adult plumage and look exactly like their parents, apart from being slightly...

I just had to share this photograph of a pretty day-flying moth called a Mint Moth. It is a tiny little thing, barely bigger than a thumbnail – as you can tell from the photograph of it hiding inside the trumpet-like bindweed flower. This cheeky fellow is busy eating m...

In the heat of the summer morning, walkers may just have spotted a small group of five people lurking in the undergrowth along the fence running from the children’s play area to the orchard. It was another meeting about the management plan of the park.

The orchard commu...

The Swifts were screaming overhead, giving me their early morning fly by, as I set off on my walk with Scamp. Once at the park, I couldn’t resist stopping for a while by Henbury Pond to watch the damselflies and look out for dragonflies. The pond is looking very pretty...

All day, the Swifts have been flying above me, crying out euphorically. In olden days they were known as Devil Birds because of their screaming, but to me they sound like they are bursting with with joy. They remind me of 12-year-olds freewheeling downhill on their bic...

June 29, 2015

A quick update on the Bee Mimic Fly that I took a photo of during Saturday's wildlife walk (for more information see the blog Wild Walks). I sent it to Alf, the Senior Ranger, as he'd asked me to do, and he identified it as the glorious-sounding Sun Fly. With those won...

June 27, 2015


The sun was shining bright and hot today for Paul Anthony’s wildlife walk around Highbury Park, organised by the Highbury Park Friends group. I always come along to his walks as it is such a great opportunity to learn from someone who knows so much. The park’s Senior...

June 26, 2015

The baby Coots are now getting really big. It won’t be much longer before they are the same size as their parents, but they are much fluffier still. At the moment they are losing that fluff though and gaining their adult feather – though it will be a while before they...

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