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Don't forget you can see photographs of everything I talk about in the Gallery, and find out more information on specific birds and insects in the Fact File.

June 25, 2015


The Long Pool duck pond seemed a hive of activity today. The Canada Goose goslings are growing fast and looking  more like their parents every day, and seemed completely unperturbed by the Grey Heron doing a spot of fishing. And the Moorhens still love to stand on the...

June 24, 2015



The sun wasn’t out much today, but it was very warm and quite muggy, so the Speckled Woods made the most of their chance to bag a nice piece of territory – which for them is a sunny spot. They actually move their territories with the sun as it goes across the sky, ra...

June 22, 2015

The meadow grasses and plants are so much longer now, and hiding in amongst them was a butterfly that moved almost constantly, staying low among the stalks and only rarely venturing above them. It was the deep, rich brown of dark chocolate, and when it rested momentari...

June 19, 2015


After my Swift encounter, I didn’t think my visit to Essex could get any better. Still, I plunged into the Roman River Valley site, which is run by Essex Wildlife Trust, and drank in the tranquil sights and sounds. Bees hummed gently, the air was full of the...

June 19, 2015


The drama of the Skylark and the Kestrel over, I continued my wanderings. I’d been hoping to see some Skipper butterflies (they love the meadowland at Gosbecks Archaeological Park in Essex) but it’s still a little early for them, so I walked out of the park...

June 11, 2015

I’ve come over to Colchester for a few days to visit friends, do some work for my second novel, and revisit some favourite nature haunts from when I lived here. As soon as I arrived, I stopped at Gosbecks Archaeological Park. It’s a lovely spot, and brilliantly managed...

June 10, 2015

There is something magical about watching damselflies flying over a pond. They are so delicate that in flight they are often just needles of glimmering light in the sunshine, there one second, gone the next. They are not such strong flyers as dragonflies, but there is...


Before Scamp and I went to the park yesterday, we had a wander around the monthly farmers’ market in King’s Heath. It’s a lovely place to pick up locally-produced food, from vegetables to freshly-baked bread, from cheese to chocolate. My personal favourite is the hone...

It’s a rare thing in nature-watching to set yourself a challenge and immediately be successful. Yesterday I had set out determined to see a male Broad-Bodied Chaser…

It was about 10am by the time I finally stepped out of my front door. I was rewarded with my first prope...

The warm air was full of birdsong, a Robin’s crystal clear call dominating them all. As I moved along, a couple of Wood Pigeons were scared up, their wings making that familiar noise as they gained height, the tips of their wing feathers lit up almost transparent as th...

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