From little acorns mighty oaks do grow – and the oak is so mighty that it supports more wildlife than any other tree in the UK.

Stunning splashes of colour flit in the air, and rest on our flowers, wings gently pulsing back and forth. But some butterflies are united not just by their eye-catching nature…

Red Admiral, Barbara Copperthwaite,Go Be Wild

The nettle is a controversial plant, historically hated. But it is time to celebrate this prickly customer – right down to its nasty sting

Nettle, Barbara Copperthwaite,Go Be Wild

As the weather heats up the air is dominated by an awe-inspiring and ancient hunter: the dragonfly.

Beautiful Demoiselle, Barbara Copperthwaite,Go Be Wild

Perhaps more than any other tree the horse chestnut vividly reflects the changing seasons of Britain…

Conkers, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

A riot of yellow and purple explodes across woodlands up and down the country, seeming to bring the sun down to earth for us to bask in.

Daffodils, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

The brown hare is a highly excitable and eccentric animal which, particularly in spring, can behave quite strangely. There is, in fact, sound evidence to suggest a behavioural basis for the expression "as mad as a March hare"... 

Robin, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

When winter’s grip seems at its strongest, some flowers appear to defy it to peek through and introduce a much-needed splash of colour.

Robin, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

If there is one wild creature synonymous with this time of year, it is the ever-present Robin...

Robin, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

At first glance the land may seem bleak and empty at this time of year, but look closely in the hedges and you will find a refuge for all creatures great and small

Perfect winter's day, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

In the cold, grey weather of winter a splash of glorious Technicolor is conspicuous by its absence: the butterfly. Many have simply died, and a new brood waits to be reborn, but others choose a solution more readily associated with mammals…

Peacock butterfly, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

Next time you’re collecting seashells on the beach spare a thought for the hard work that went into creating them – and the incredible, vulnerable occupant they once housed

Dogwhelk, Go Be Wild, Barbara Copperthwaite

If you want to get away from it all, why not escape to one of this country's wonderful natural gems - islands where you can get closer to nature.

Alderney Clonque Bay cpt Martin Batt.jpg

The life cycle of a bumblebee is squeezed into a few short months, but they certainly pack a lot into that time. No wonder they are called busy!

They're so common you barely notice them, but these beautiful, cheery wildflowers have some real surprises up their sleeve...